Our values

The qualifications and expertise of our professional staff ensures scientific and technical excellence in our services. Our field work is strictly monitored and it fully complies with international standards.

Technical Consultancy

R&A is registered as a consulting firm in the following organizations and institutions:

  • Achilles Group Limited

  • National Secretariat for Energy

  • Provincial Ministry for Environmental Policy

  • National Ministry for Environmental Affairs

  • Consultants for the Interamerican Development Bank

  • National Coast Guard

  • AG
    Registered at Achilles Group Limited, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, UK.
  • SE
    Registered at the National Secretariat for Energy:

    (Registry # 0096)

  • OPD
    Registered at the Provincial (Buenos Aires) Ministry for Environmental Policy

    (Registry # 0030)

  • SAD
    Registered at the National Ministry for Environmental Affairs

    (Registry # 0121)

  • BID
    Consultants for the Interamerican Development Bank.
  • PN
    Registered at the National Coast Guard for off-shore works.

Background and Projects

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Our team of professionals is being permanently trained and updated, attending scientific events and participating at national and international engineering and environmental courses and congresses. / Know us


In 2018 we certified the
ISO 9001 Standard (2015)

An active commitment towards efficiency improvement

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