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Our strong background and experience allows us to provide services with scientific and technical excellence.

  • Environmental projects: Hazardous waste landfills, household waste sanitary landfills, characterization and remediation of contaminated sites (groundwater and soil), waste recycling plants, bioremediation facilities, composting plants...
  • waterproofing projects effluent lagoons or evaporation. Studies of technical and economic feasibility of projects of industrial plants and civil engineering.
    Computation and costs of industrial plants and civil engineering projects in general


+ Design of Hazardous Waste Landfill Units

+ Design of Waste and Leachate Treatment facilities

+ Leachate Recirculation Systems for Accelerated organic Degradation in Sanitary landfills

+ Hydrological cover design

+ Biogas Collection and Energy Production at sanitary landfills

+ Biodegradation of Organic Hazardous Waste Compounds by Landfarming Technology– Landfarming Treatment Plants Design

+ Quality Certification Programs of Hazardous waste and sanitary landfill facilities

+ Compacted Mineral Liners Quality Assurance and Construction Control

+ Geosynthetics Quality Assurance and Construction Control for Landfills and Impoundments

+ In site (and Laboratory) Soil Permeability Tests / Compaction control of Landfills Bottom Liners and Covers

+ Capillary Cover Design for Landfills and Tailing Dams

+ Leaching Pads and Tailing Dams Design for the Mining Industry, Impermeabilitation and CQC

+ Water Table Lowering and Control

+ Clean development mechanisms (CDM)under KYOTO protocols for clean energy projects such as (biogas management, flaring and energy production, biomass conversion, greenhouse gases reduction projects)

+ Bioreactor conversion of household waste landfills and related  technology. Anaerobic and Aerobic degradation feasibility studies

+ Biogas extraction and utilization projects at sanitary landfills under CDM carbon credit projects

+ Old waste dumps remediation projects

+ Contaminated Sites Remediation Technologies In - site bioremediation of contaminated soils, permeable reactive barriers technology for groundwater decontamination, bioventing and Air Sparging Projects for decontamination Pump and Treat, etc.

+ Leachate collection systems for old and new household and hazardous landfill units

+ Environment impact studies.

+ Risk analysis.


In 2018 we certified the
ISO 9001 Standard (2015)

An active commitment towards efficiency improvement

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